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Esurio Restaurant

Esurio restaurant is a hidden gem located in Kolios Skiathos. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and intimate, perfect for a romantic meal or a family dinner.

The restaurant specializes in skillful meats such as aged Tomahawk steaks, rib-eye steaks, sirloin steaks, juicy pork and of course chicken. Esurio also offers you a range of excellent appetizers and salads to accompany your delicious meal. For ultimate relaxation after your meal, we suggest you enjoy a glass of wine or a drink at the Esurio Pool Bar located just behind the restaurant.

At Esurio we take wine seriously, that’s why we provide you with an extensive wine collection that includes some of the best wines in Greece. Our staff can recommend the perfect wine to pair with your meal. Come in a beautiful setting for some “big dishes”, but not so big prices!

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At esurio you can enjoy a wide variety of fine meats and stews as well as delicious appetizers and salads to accompany your dinner.

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